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Insurance Travel Guide is a specialist web site dedicated to providing advice on travel insurance products.

Our editors come from the insurance, financial services, and technology backgrounds.  However, we are not not financial advisors, so if you have any questions regarding any advice on this web site, contact your financial adviser or insurance company directly.

We've researched insurance magazines and insurance trade publications to come up with lists of top insurers and insurance tips when you're taking an insurance.  We have tried to put together information for those from all over the world.  We have a large collection of information on travel insurance products for UK based residents as well.

We have put together a collection of insurance guides ranging from UK-based travel and caravan insurance to Singaporean NTUC income insurance and American Trailer insurance.  We hope that you enjoy the site.

Travel and General Insurance Guides

Travel Insurance for ALL Nationalities
Travel Insurance for UK Residents
Student Travel
Over 65 Travel
Medical Conditions Travel
Singaporean Income Insurance
Caravan Insurance
Trailer Insurance

Flight Insurance
Travel Insurance for Families

Age Concern Holiday Insurance
Travel Insurance For Those with Pre-existing Medical Conditions
Holiday Caravan Insurance

Travel Insurance for Those Visiting the USA
Travel Insurance for Children

Elderly Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance For Those with Diabetes
Income Insurance NTUC travel

Travel Insurance for Those Visiting
Vancouver, Canada

1Cover Insurance

Holiday Insurance for those over 65

Gay Friendly Travel Insurance
Easy Online Travel Insurance

Old-age Pensioner Travel Insurance

Over 80 Travel Insurance
SAGA Holiday Insurance

Holiday Insurance for Those over 80

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