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Top tips for travel insurance for people over 80 (we say the best years!)

So, you're over 80 and want to travel or get health insurance.  Join the club.  Research shows that a significant portion of potential insurance applicants are over 80 and generally have some form of pre-existing medical conditions.  This is no surprise as people are living longer nowadays.

Insurers want your business and have to accommodate these conditions if they want to sell policies.  Gone are the days when insurance is declined outright for those over 65 or 80.

Our tips for what you should look out for in potential policies are:

  • Read the terms and conditions for specific medical exclusions and check to see that your condition is not explicitly excluded
  • Check if there is a time limit on what constitutes a pre-existing medical condition
  • If you're diabetic or have a chronic illness, make sure you're covered
  • Check that hospital stays, diagnostics, and medications are all covered
  • Lastly, try to stay with an insurer long-term as you can establish a relationship with them

Good luck with your insurance search.

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