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Top tips for Caravan Insurance

Caravanning is extremely popular in the UK.  About 20% of holiday nights are spent in a caravan.  As many caravans and motor homes now cost sometimes in upwards of £40,000, choosing the right insurance is crucial.

Key Caravan Insurance Questions:

Is Caravan insurance necessary ?   


How much insurance cost?   

£95 - £450 (this is for a caravan worth approximately £10,000 with contents up to £1000)

What Caravan Coverage is essential ?

New for old: Replacing a caravan is extremely expensive.  You should be covered for replacement.

European use: your insurance company will probably set limits as to how many days each European trip can be.  Usually this is set at up to 180 days.  Exceeding this limit can lead to cancellation of your policy. 

Personal accident (in relation to the caravan): Make sure you have enough cover for the country you are visiting

Driver(s) Coverage: Make sure all your drivers are covered

Excess: Most consumer groups recommend an excess of £250 - £300 to reduce insurance premiums

Free  English helpline: Make sure your insurer has telephone assistance in English to help you with European Caravanning laws

Liability (public): Professional actuaries recommend £1 million - £2 million.  £2 million is really recommended for Europe.

Recovery costs: Remember, it can cost around £3500 to bring a broken down caravan back to the UK.

We should also stressed that you can reduce insurance premiums quite easily.  Just like a better lock on your house can reduce your contents policy, Caravan wheel clamps, padlocks, tracking devices, and hitch locks are all ways to cut your premiums by up to 30%.  No claims bonuses can run up to 20% or more (especially if you have lots of years of No claims).

We always recommend that you consult your local caravanning organisation if you have any questions as they are there for you.

Lastly, try to stay with an insurer long-term as you can establish a relationship with them

Good luck with your insurance search.

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