Insurance deals for those visiting the USA!

Top Insurance Deals. We have researched trade publications and other insurance resources to give you these tips.

We've researched insurance magazines and insurance trade publications to come up with lists of top insurers and insurance tips when you're taking an insurance.  We have tried to put together information for those from all over the world.

So you're planning a trip to America.  You should know that the cost of legal and medical expenses if you are involved in a car accident or unintentionally cause harm to others can be in the millions of dollars.  Having the proper medical liability (public and private) insurance is absolutely essential.

We recommend that you take into account the following when you're choosing travel insurance for use in the United States and North American general:

Take out insurance with at least $1 million or more of public liability cover

Your insurance should cover at least $1 million of medical expenses

We recommend that your insurance cover any electronics you're taking

We recommend that you have an excess of $100 to reduce insurance premiums

In addition to any travel insurance you take out, we recommend that you take out car insurance from the car rental company you use in the US as any damage to the
car would be covered by this additional policy

We recommend that your insurance includes at least $150,000 of legal expenses cover.  Many policies include more

We recommend that your luggage is covered for at least $250

Good luck in choosing your insurance for the USA.

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